JRA Studio

Partial Publishing House Listing

Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Allyn and Bacon
The Crossing Press
McGraw Hill Companies
Papier-Mache Press
The Pine Forge Press
Simon and Schuster
Wadsworth Publishing Company

Partial Organizational Listing

American Association of Homes and Services
for the Aging
The American Society on Aging
California Association of Health Facilities
California Partnership for Long Term Care
Family Caregiver Alliance
The Gerontological Society on Aging
Boston University
The University of California @ Berkeley

Partial Exhibition Listing

AARP, Washington D.C.
City Hall, Boston MA
State House, Boston, MA
Cambridge City Hospital, Boston, MA
Carney Hospital, Boston, MA
Buck Institute on Aging, Marin County, CA
Department of Aging and Adult Services, San Francisco


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JRA Studio