For the past thirty-five years I have been working with older people and taking photographs of them. I like to consider myself a Visual Gerontologist. I'm a baby boomer who entered the field of aging in the late seventies. My first mentor asked the question, How will older people find purpose and meaning in their life in a culture where they don't seem to serve any purpose? They are no longer productive.

Upon leaving Graduate School I received a fellowship to the Maine Photographic Workshops and started my quest to answer that question. I approached my subjects from the perspective of a social worker who was curious to know how they used their time as they grew older. My camera has focused on the spirit of strong elders living meaningful lives - often in spite of physical suffering - and the strength and joy of intergenerational ties. My work has been exhibited in public places, has won awards and has illustrated textbooks, journals and other print media since the late seventies. I like to believe that my photographs have helped create a positive view of the aging process for students in the field of Gerontology as well as the lay person picking up a brochure, who soon enough will be a baby boomer!

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